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Overseas Passenger Terminal Spire

Carboglass has manufactured Composites for the Construction and Civil Infrastructure industry for over 35 years. From humble beginnings building Rowing skiffs in the hallway at home, to our current premises in Wingate where we have built some of the fastest cars on the planet to some of the largest composite structures in New Zealand.


Carboglass has worked with many of the larger construction companies in New Zealand and worked hard to build our reputation with them. The diversity of the projects Carboglass undertakes, particularly in Civil Infrastructure dictates a huge skill set for our staff. Because of this Carboglass maintains a small staff of highly skilled and experienced Composite technicians, a number of which come with high end boatbuilding backgrounds ( AC, Volvo etc ).


The one off or limited run nature of the projects that Carboglass specialises in ensures that we are always striving to improve our methods and raise our standards in providing quallity high performance products.


  • Swimming Pool Bulkheads. 25m long, 1m wide 1.5m deep. Supported at each end and either floatable or motorised.


  • Street Shelters. Surrounding the Railway Station/Cenotaph and the Transport Hub.


  • Moa Point sewerage plant. A range of structures.


  • Queens Wharf. Large funnels and an assortment of exterior covers, trims etc.


  • Dragon Boats. 10x boats for the Wellington festival.


  • Civic Centre. Pool tanking in reflection ponds. and Panelling.


  • Shed 5 Apartments. Fiberglass domes on roof. Dorade ducts.


  • Beehive. Fiberglass ceiling / lighting panels. 9m long supported at each end.


  • Happy Valley Tip. Large roof guttering.


  • Happy Valley Sewer. Fiberglass lining of manholes to prevent corrosion.


  • Bolton Hotel. Pool. Fiberglass exterior columns.


  • Te Puni Mail Centre. Exterior Panelling and covers.


  • Cable Price. Curved structural Panels and Facade.


  • St Johns Church. Façade.


  • Overseas Passenger Terminal. Rebuilding Concrete piles with Carbon fibre jackets.


  • Exide Batteries. Acid storage tanks.


  • Sewerage piping, Vertical pump Stations, Horizontal containment tanks.


  • Number 1 The Terrace. Exterior cladding.


  • Spire needle for OPT. This needle as it exists is a 50 + year old fiberglass structure.


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